Award Applications and Information


This year, our awards process has transitioned to an online format.  Listed in the table below are all of the awards a campus council is eligible to apply for.  Be particularly mindful of supporting documentation when required, and use either the within-form URL space or the Upload Files link in the table below.

All awards are evaluated by the Awards Committee, which is comprised of seven members.  

Also, the Outstanding Council Awards will be evaluated this year based on a Rubric designed for that purpose.  Councils must discuss their efforts relative to four aspects:  Planning, Delivery (Implementation), Evaluation, and Innovation/Improvement.

There are many steps you as a council leader or campus advisor can take to help your council improve.  We believe that this rubric demonstrates best practices that when adhered to, will result in overall continuous improvement of the council.  If you have questions about this process, please contact the Assistant Executive Director, Chris Smith. Good luck! 



Council Awards
Risk Management and Judicial Procedures Award
Recruitment Award
Publications Award
Philanthropy Award
Outstanding Service Project Award
Outstanding Publication Award
Interfraternal Relations Award
Educational Programming Award
Academic Achievement and Scholarship Program Award
Alumni Development Award
Campus and Community Relations Award
Community Service Award
Individual Awards
Tom Shoemaker Advisor of the Year
Greg Singleton Fraternity Man of the Year
Fraternal Excellence
Fraternal Excellence - Management
Fraternal Excellence - Chapter Services
Fraternal Excellence - Judicial Processes
Fraternal Excellence - Leadership Development
Fraternal Excellence - Legal Concerns
Fraternal Excellence - Philanthropy & Community Service
Fraternal Excellence - PR and Publications
Fraternal Excellence - IFC Finance
Fraternal Excellence - Recruitment
Fraternal Excellence - Scholarship and Academic
Fraternal Excellence - Social Engagement