Brandon Aragon, President, is excited about working closer with our new SEIFC executive board. Previously, serving on the student board has taught me where I can improve and what we can do moving forward. I believe our new board has some great ideas we can accomplish in the next year, this is why I want to expand communication not just between our board but between our IFC councils. I am also excited to hear feedback from our IFC council attendees on how we can improve for our next Leadership Academy. 

Daniel Mendoza, Vice President of Awards, is looking forward to working with the individual schools and getting more of them to apply for awards. I am also excited to meet new faces and see how everyone interacts together once the ball gets rolling and we are working diligently to make this the best conference for everyone in attendance. 

Chris Huffman, Vice President of Programming, is looking forward to help SEIFC take the fist step to the next 50 years. As our communities continue to change,  SEIFC can help communities propel into the future through our premier educational programming and resources.

Brent Carr, Vice President of Communications, is excited to be part of the team that gets to be bringing in the next 50 years of SEIFC! We look forward to engaging you in different ways through online and social media platforms. 

Adam Grubbs, Vice President of Vendors, is looking forward to the continued growth and success of SEIFC as we build off of the conferences 50th anniversary. We must continue to reshape and improve fraternity communities across the country.  The potential of  fraternities in the southeast excites me, and I encourage fraternity leaders eager to transform their fraternity system to join us in 2017.